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Note: This article was written by ROBIN READER (612) and was originally published on her website Broken Arrow Forum on May 16, 2010, and reappears here on this blog with her permission.

Annie Pham (front center), Sperry HS foreign exchange student, with her host family--the Newmans

It’s me, Robin/612. I have been following Annie Pham’s quest for a diploma from Sperry High School. I recognize familiar patterns in the behavior of the school’s administration, and I’m here to say this reeks of SISNEY.

As crazy as it seems that the two board members voted “no”, there has to be an explanation.

We are missing some vital pieces of the puzzle. I think I can supply some of them.

Jim Sisney is not a very good superintendent. I don’t think he really knows what the job is. That’s probably why he brings Brian Beagles wherever he goes. But Jim Sisney is very good at manipulating public perception.

Sisney claimed to the media in January 2009 that he had uncovered documents, found evidence,and had conversations that showed that, in his words, “criminal activities involving the expenditure of public money have taken place in the [Broken Arrow] school district since at least the 1990’s and a massive cover-up scheme is now under way to keep this information from being disclosed.”

Yet in his deposition taken December 2009 — 11 months after he claims to have uncovered documents, found evidence, and had conversations – he says that he has no evidence.

His complete deposition is here:   Sisney’s Deposition 12/22/09    Check out the article titled “Business-like Acumen Section” on this blog for some of the highlights.

The board members’ Counterclaim is also posted below. It includes several emails to and from Jim Sisney that show his plans to discredit the board members who he felt threatened by.

For more background on the sequence of events, see the Timeline.

From what I have learned of Annie’s situation, it’s pretty clear that certain board members, along with the administration, set this up in an attempt to make certain other board members look bad. One of Sisney’s prime tactics is to threaten legal repercussions. As long as he stays vague, he seems to be able to fool people. Ask him some specifics, and he’s lost…check out the deposition. You can only say “retaliation” and “orchestrated” so many times…

If he structured the district’s legal counsel like he did in BA, no one but he and Sperry school board president Derrell Morrow can talk directly to the attorneys. That means that Sisney can tell the attorneys anything he wants – possibly misrepresenting the facts so that the attorneys will advise what he wants. It also means that Sisney can “interpret” the attorneys’ advice any way he wants when he informs the board members – including warning them about some extremely severe repercussions. Exaggeration and misrepresentation is nothing for someone who is willing to make up a whole “massive conspiracy” and trumpet it to the media, only to admit months later that it was based on nothing.

It’s pretty likely that the two board members were scared into voting no – making them the bad guys. From there, the two no-shows conveniently avoid taking any heat, the one “yes”
vote gets to look like a hero, and the community rails against the two meanies. Notice how Sisney has kept his distance, allowing Brian Beagles to live up to his BA nickname, “hatchet man”.

I would like to help Annie get justice; help the Sperry school district get rid of this thug; and get the truth out for the good people in Broken Arrow who have been unfairly maligned.

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