The Media: Willing Accomplices in the “PR Nightmare” or Headline Sellouts?

Clearly, no one in the media spent a single moment looking into the story they were printing, or even thinking about its plausibility. How could this happen?


“The press is more than happy to print mud-slinging by those in positions of public trust.”     

     – Jim Sisney, July 15, 2008, as quoted in the board members’ Counterclaim


“The press is dynamite that can hurt you as much as anybody. I wouldn’t rule it out.  Your Board would look pretty bad if this played out in the press. However, even a little pancake has two sides and when it becomes adversarial, the other side will come out and you could be hurt. Tough judgment call. And you need to be ready to move on if it gets to the point the press is airing all of this. But when you get to that point you want to get the damages up as much as possible and have your exit plan in place … “

     – Thurman Lee Sisney, in email to Jim Sisney, 08/07/2008


“I think a comprehensive letter could be created to give to Bob Lewis and other media outlets if they continue.”

      –  Jim Sisney, in email to Stephanie Updike, 8/10/2008



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