Reynolds’ Next Move

Note: This article was written by ROBIN READER (612) and was originally published on her website Broken Arrow Forum on September 11, 2010, and reappears here on this blog with her permission.

Well, I’m nowhere near as devious as Rep. Reynolds, but I think I have an idea where he is heading with his accusations against Burrage. There are strong indications that Reynolds has been involved in providing information to the auditor, as well as leading the public to believe certain accusations are actually “findings”.

Reynolds has set the stage for us to believe that the preliminary notes that were leaked reveal the true findings, and that the first audit (the one that was reviewed by the
school board) and the second one (yet to be started) have been/will be manipulated to protect certain school staff and board members. If Reynolds can get us to fall for
that, he succeeds in making us question the integrity, honesty, and competence of Burrage, which gives Burrage’s opponent in the election a boost. But wait, there’s more!

See, there is a problem with this story: Burrage has no motive to water down the audit. Quite the opposite, in fact. Well, Reynolds is about to provide us with Burrage’s motive.

Reynolds knows about his own involvement in the audit. He knows that the second audit and/or investigation into how the audit was done may expose his involvement, and
he is ready for this. Maybe even hoping for it. He is actively working to discredit the second audit in our minds, and here is why.

If the second audit shows Reynolds’ involvement in steering the audit and leaking the preliminary accusations, Reynolds can claim that Burrage invented the whole
“concern about the auditor’s independence” thing in order to frame Reynolds! He can shake his head in disappointment at the depths to which Burrage sank in order to try
to discredit the Champion of Oklahoma Taxpayers: Burrage turned a blind eye to corruption in BA Schools, letting the criminals continue to steal from the taxpayers;
Burrage intentionally torpedoed an innocent auditor’s career as part of his scheme; Burrage lied to the people of Broken Arrow; Burrage wasted more taxpayer money on
this political stunt; Burrage has let down the people of Broken Arrow and of Oklahoma; he has destroyed the integrity of his office and brought shame to the title of State
Auditor of Oklahoma.

Can’t you just hear it? By now, Burrage knows what he is up against. He better be ready to counter.

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