How the PR battle is fought by the unethical, assisted by the gullible

Note: This article was written by ROBIN READER (612) and was originally published on her website Broken Arrow Forum on September 25, 2010, and reappears here on this blog with her permission.

Posted on the Ledger “Audio recordings of exit interviews released” article.

The Ledger printed the hearsay about the District hiring a PR firm, quoting a statement by Ronda Vuillemont-Smith made right after the exit interviews. Now we know that that statement was made in the meeting, which should have been confidential.

Why did the Ledger print that inaccurate and inflammatory bit of gossip but not make an effort to point out its inaccuracy when we found that the statement referred to AA’s PR firm?

And why did the Ledger not question how Ronda was able to “overhear” this statement, since she wasn’t in the meeting?

Those of you who think that confidentiality can be thrown out the window when anybody declares that “the public has a right to know”, do you realize what has happened here? The very people who have been publicly railing against confidentiality requirements have been USING them to keep YOU from getting the full story, so they can feed you the bits and pieces that they want you to see, make up stuff with impunity, and withhold the rest.

The last thing they really want is for the public to have full access to this information.

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