What was that?!

Well, we have all been on a three-year wild goose chase.  As the audit results confirm, there was never anything to the accusations of a conspiracy involving a vendor.  This was never about Air Assurance, or HVAC, or bidding laws.  These were just used as tools in an intimidation attempt, to try to prevent the board members from doing what they had to do.  And Stover, Updike, the two Representative Mikes, the Ledger, Wade, Isbell, Yates, Townsend, Combs, Branch, Vermillion, Tharp, and Snellgrove – all just useful, er, people to Sisney.

Sisney created a media controversy with his dishonest smear campaign and lawsuits

This is about Sisney’s ego.  His inability to control his behavior made it necessary for the board to address it in his contract.  He did not want any stipulations added to his contract, especially since his contract, unlike his evaluations, is available to the public.  Now that we have all been treated to a three-year-long temper tantrum, I hope everyone can finally see that the board did what they had to do in ridding Broken Arrow Schools of this big baby.
For detailed information, analysis, and court documents from the last three years of the controversy, visit Broken Arrow Forum

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