Sisney Resigns!

Jim Sisney announced his resignation from Sperry Schools tonight.  He said the reason is his sick father-in-law.  His last day with the Sperry District is June 30.

There may be other factors that contributed to his decision, especially considering the timing of the announcement coming just a few days after the release of the Broken Arrow audit.  The audit exposed his claims of corruption and conspiracy in the Broken Arrow Schools as an intentional attempt to harm the reputations of individuals, businesses, and the school district.

Sisney also has a lawsuit to worry about.  He filed the defamation lawsuit as leverage against the board members in an attempt to prevent them from changing his contract to deal with his bad behavior.  The lawsuit is premised on his now-discredited claims that the board members were involved in corruption in the schools.  The intimidation attempt backfired, but the lawsuit remained.  Now, not only are his made-up accusations totally debunked, but he still has to deal with the board members’ counterclaim.  The counterclaim contains proof of the campaign he undertook to grab power from the board, smear his enemies in the press, and influence the audit of BA Schools that was being prepared by the state auditor’s office.

But that’s not all.  The lawsuit also mentions a vendor-paid trip to the Final Four for Sisney and his attorney brother, Thurman Lee Sisney from Kentucky.  This may tie in with the unreleased item in the audit having to do with conflict of interest.  Other items of interest listed in the board members’ exhibit list include Sisney’s expense records, tax records, income from other source, employment applications made while at BA Schools, cell phone records, Pikepass records, audio recordings, and documents recovered from Sisney’s computer after he deleted them.


For more information, analysis, and court documents on Sisney, the Broken Arrow audit, and the controversial issues concerning both over the last three years, visit Broken Arrow Forum

4 thoughts on “Sisney Resigns!

  1. He should be ashamed of himself, if he is capable. Here he has held himself as the white knight and protector of all. It now appears he has not only cost the district thousands of dollars in legal fees, money that could have been spent on teachers, classrooms, and ultimately our kids, but he has caused a huge discourse in the community… all over nothing?

    This whole thing has been nothing more than a selfish game?

    Wow. What a sorry example of a person, much less the leader of a school and community!

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