A Fishing Expedition Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Sisney’s attorney issued a subpoena on August 2, 2012, requesting documents relating to Broken Arrow Schools’ participation in the E-rate program.  The E-rate program is a government program that allows schools and libraries to be eligible for discounts on telecommunications and information services.  The recipient of the subpoena, Kellogg and Sovereign Consulting, LLC, appears to be a company that provides information technology services to Broken Arrow Schools.

Requested information includes:

  • E-rate program forms submitted by Broken Arrow Schools
  • documents involving vendor proposals and selection of vendors
  • emails between school representatives and Kellogg staff
  • copies of District Technology Plans for BA Schools

What is Sisney after?  Well, me.

When asked by the defendants’ counsel how the documents were relevant, Sisney’s attorney said it was regarding the defamation claim against the three board ladies.  In particular, they are interested in allegedly defamatory statements made on the BrokenArrowForum website, and their author, 612/Robin Reader.

Either Sisney really thinks the three board ladies are behind the website, or he is using the power of the subpoena to try to find out who is.

Thinking the three board members used school resources to run a secret website is preposterous of course, but someone who himself habitually used school resources and personnel to plot and scheme might think it’s perfectly plausible.

On the other hand, he may be fishing for any information he can get.  Exploiting the legal system is not a new thing for Jim Sisney.  Discovery is due in November, and maybe he figures he doesn’t have much time left to misuse the courts to try to find someone new to sue.

The BrokenArrowForum website was created long after Sisney filed his lawsuit alleging defamation; his claims have nothing to do with it or 612/Robin Reader.  None of his amended petitions mention it either.  The defendants filed an objection on 8/22/2012, saying that the requested information was not relevant to Sisney’s claims.  Sisney’s attorney filed a Motion to Compel on 8/30/2012.

In any case, even if the judge does allow discovery, Sisney will not get any help from the E-rate documents.  Interesting that he thinks the website came from inside the school district’s information systems.

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