Sisney indicted on two felony counts for bribery and conspiracy

Indictments unsealed on Thursday, August 30, 2012 charge former Broken Arrow superintendent Jim Sisney with bribery and conspiracy.  According to the charges, Windstream provided Sisney and his attorney brother, Thurman Lee Sisney of Kentucky, with an all-expense paid trip to the 2007 Final Four basketball tournament in Atlanta.

The trip included transportation, welcome gifts, hotel accomodations at the Atlanta Grand Hyatt, on-site food and drink, event souvenirs, and choice seating at the games.

According to the audit, Sisney signed the Windstream contract in 2007, without knowledge or approval by the board.  Superintendents do not have the power to enter into contracts on behalf of the District; only the board does.

The audit of Broken Arrow Schools, including the Windstream issue, came about because of Sisney’s false accusations of vendor favoritism and a conspiracy between Air Assurance and board members.  The Windstream evidence was made available from discovery in the lawsuit he filed against them.  He cooked his own goose.

The indictment filing has more details…click here.

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