Sisney slithers out again


We were hoping the judge would see through Sisney’s frantic attempts to evade his deposition, but it looks like the civil case will have to wait until the criminal case is completed.  The judge has decided to allow the stay. … Continue reading

Ed Bryson indictment: That’s their story and they’re sticking to it


On September 27, 2012, Ed Bryson was indicted for perjury.  Bryson lives in Washington state.  He was a Windstream employee and friend of Sisney at the time Sisney illegally and secretly signed the Windstream contract for Broken Arrow Schools and … Continue reading

Sisney files to delay civil lawsuit


In the Defamation lawsuit Jim Sisney filed back in September 2008, Sisney has filed an emergency motion asking for a stay and protective order.  He would like the judge to halt all discovery and put the case on hold until … Continue reading

So why WAS the fund balance low in April 2008?


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What set Sisney off in April 2008?  He claims that in April 2008 he tried to warn the board about the fund balance being low, and says that the CFO lied about the fund balance in her report, providing figures in … Continue reading

More on the E-Rate subpoena


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As we know, Sisney’s attorney issued a subpoena on August 2, 2012, requesting documents relating to Broken Arrow Schools’ participation in the E-rate program.  When asked why these were relevant, she responded that they were interested in allegedly defamatory statements … Continue reading