Case dismissed against the District

All claims have been dismissed against the Broken Arrow School District in the lawsuit Sisney filed back in September 2008.  They were dismissed with prejudice, which means Sisney is not free to file another lawsuit with the same charges.  The complaints against the three board members remain, and so does their counterclaim.

It appears from the filing that Sisney and the District reached an agreement.  Each will pay their own legal fees.  This concession by the District may have been in exchange for the “with prejudice” dismissal.  All of the other dismissals were without prejudice, so this is significant.  Judging from other cases, it’s not typical for the defendant to be awarded their legal fees even if the judgment goes their way (which is too bad, since it encourages baseless, retaliatory lawsuits like this one), so they probably didn’t have much to lose by agreeing to pay their own legal fees.  At this point it’s probably more important to make sure this goes away permanently.

The hearing on the bribery cases against Sisney and Windstream have been moved again, but this time they were moved UP.  They are now scheduled for 12/20/2012 at 3:00 PM.

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