It’s Over!!! Sisney Apologizes!!


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May 31, 2013 – A tornado touched down in Broken Arrow on Thursday, May 30th.  Just typical spring weather in Oklahoma?  Or was it the result of a massive disturbance in the Force? Yesterday, May 30th, Jim Sisney finally caught a … Continue reading

Case dismissed against the District


All claims have been dismissed against the Broken Arrow School District in the lawsuit Sisney filed back in September 2008.  They were dismissed with prejudice, which means Sisney is not free to file another lawsuit with the same charges.  The … Continue reading

State vs. Sisney/Windstream update 11/23/2012


Update 12/8/2012:  The 12/11 ruling on the motion to dismiss has been reset to 12/28/2012. Update 11/30/2012:  An entry was posted on the Windstream and Sisney court cases today.  It’s from the 11/19 hearing, and it says that the decision … Continue reading article on Sisney

Gallery published an article about Sisney’s indictments and history with Broken Arrow Schools:  Superintendent Indicted After Years of Trouble (October 15, 2012).  Thanks for mentioning us! One correction:  The motion to dismiss the charges because of the two days allegedly … Continue reading

State vs. Sisney/Windstream update October 16, 2012


The defense attorneys for Sisney and Windstream have both requested the transcripts from the Grand Jury testimony and all relevant exhibits.  They are entitled to see all the relevant testimony, and when everyone has had a chance to review it, … Continue reading

Sisney slithers out again


We were hoping the judge would see through Sisney’s frantic attempts to evade his deposition, but it looks like the civil case will have to wait until the criminal case is completed.  The judge has decided to allow the stay. … Continue reading

Ed Bryson indictment: That’s their story and they’re sticking to it


On September 27, 2012, Ed Bryson was indicted for perjury.  Bryson lives in Washington state.  He was a Windstream employee and friend of Sisney at the time Sisney illegally and secretly signed the Windstream contract for Broken Arrow Schools and … Continue reading