State vs. Sisney/Windstream update October 16, 2012


The defense attorneys for Sisney and Windstream have both requested the transcripts from the Grand Jury testimony and all relevant exhibits.  They are entitled to see all the relevant testimony, and when everyone has had a chance to review it, … Continue reading

Ed Bryson indictment: That’s their story and they’re sticking to it


On September 27, 2012, Ed Bryson was indicted for perjury.  Bryson lives in Washington state.  He was a Windstream employee and friend of Sisney at the time Sisney illegally and secretly signed the Windstream contract for Broken Arrow Schools and … Continue reading

The final audit has been released


The final audit has been released, including the two items that had previously been withheld. Item 1 found that the three board members requested as individuals, not as the board, that law firm RFR investigate Sisney.  A request like this … Continue reading

Who’s Who in Jim Sisney’s Attack on Broken Arrow Schools


This gallery contains 32 photos.

(latest update:  June 3, 2013, 10:40 pm) Air Assurance (owners:  Rampey, Mike and Narissa)  Served BA Schools as the primary HVAC vendor for 15 years Donated to the school system generously Were falsely accused by Sisney in April 2008 of overcharging, double-billing, billing … Continue reading

The official BAPS audit has been released by the AG!!

Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General

The media apparently hasn’t had time to read it, based on the content of their news articles, so far, that accompany the link to the audit report.  Some highlights:

1) Air Assurance is not guilty of any misconduct–none whatsoever.

2) The district’s non-compliance with bidding in some instances was due to a lack of understanding of the statutes applying to bidding requirements, but did NOT involve intentional or criminal misconduct.

3) There was no conflict of interest between any of the BAPS board members and Air Assurance.

4) None of Air Assurance’s files kept in a storage unit at a rental facility were damaged back in February 2009 when a fire in two other units, some distance away from the one it rented,  caught fire.  The BA Fire Department did not think there was any relation between the fire and Air Assurance or the controversy surrounding the BAPS, despite the efforts of some people to draw a connection and suggest malfeasance on the part of Air Assurance.

5) There were no violations of the open meetings act by school board members.

6) NEW INFORMATION:   Former, fired superintendent Jim Sisney awarded thousands of dollars in payroll stipends selectively to a handful of top school district administrators, WITHOUT board approval, based on his “judgment.”  [see Objective 16 on page 69 of the audit report]

Gary Jones, Oklahoma State Auditor and Inspector

The Broken Arrow School District held a press conference about the audit report findings.  Be sure to check your local news stations and publications tonight and tomorrow. As always, for more information, analysis, and court documents on the audit, Jim Sisney, and the BAPS controversy, please check out Broken Arrow Forum