Mob Mentality


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6/5/2013 – The whole country saw it in the Duke Lacrosse case, and Broken Arrow has lived a painful episode of its own. This entire ugly five-year ordeal could have been cut short if people had had the decency to … Continue reading

Sisney files to delay civil lawsuit


In the Defamation lawsuit Jim Sisney filed back in September 2008, Sisney has filed an emergency motion asking for a stay and protective order.  He would like the judge to halt all discovery and put the case on hold until … Continue reading

The final audit has been released


The final audit has been released, including the two items that had previously been withheld. Item 1 found that the three board members requested as individuals, not as the board, that law firm RFR investigate Sisney.  A request like this … Continue reading

Who’s Who in Jim Sisney’s Attack on Broken Arrow Schools


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(latest update:  June 3, 2013, 10:40 pm) Air Assurance (owners:  Rampey, Mike and Narissa)  Served BA Schools as the primary HVAC vendor for 15 years Donated to the school system generously Were falsely accused by Sisney in April 2008 of overcharging, double-billing, billing … Continue reading

Will Sisney be held legally accountable for his misconduct? What about his co-conspirators?


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Former Skiatook superintendent Gary Johnson pleads guilty to accepting almost $30,000 in bribes from Rick Enos of E& E Sales News headlines recently reported the arrest of former Skiatook Public Schools superintendent Gary Johnson on charges of accepting bribes related to the enormous overpayment for … Continue reading

Brian Beagles: Why Sperry should NOT have hired him to be the new superintendent


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Once again, the Sperry school board has shown extremely poor judgment in its selection of a superintendent for their district by hiring assistant superintendent Brian Beagles, to replace Jim Sisney, after Sisney abruptly announced his retirement July 13, several days after … Continue reading

Bias on the school board


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When the school board fired Jim Sisney, by law he had the opportunity to request a due process hearing.  He announced in a press conference that he would not, saying that there is no way he could get a fair … Continue reading